Questions & Answers

How early should we book our booth?
Photo booths are a popular item for weddings, trade shows and events. Due to this, popular dates can book our many months in advance. We strongly advice booking as soon as you have your event dates confirmed.

How long do prints take?
Our photo booths are all high speed, with no delays. A full session, from button press to print, takes less than 60 seconds ensuring that lines move quickly. Actual printing takes only a few seconds after the captures are complete.

What kind of props do you provide?
We have a ton of fun, high quality props which is always rotating. Hats, stuff on-a-stick (mustaches, lips, glasses), funky glasses, rubber masks, signs, hand held props and more! We also have props for holiday events.

How many hours should I rent for?
Both of our booths are super quick and can get through around 250 guests in a 3 hour rental. We usually suggest adding an additional hour for every 80-100 guests above 250.

How much space do booths require?
The Lux Booth has a footprint of 3ft x 6ftwhile the Studio Booth requires a 10ft x 10ft area for it's setup and operation. Always allow some space for guests to line up and for a props table.

Can booths be branded?
We specialize in branding! All of our booths can be wrapped and branded in many ways. Our Lux Booths can be fully wrapped for an amazing brand impact. The backdrops for the Studio Booth can also be custom printed. Branding options are almost limitless.

How portable are the booths?
Our Studio Booth can be taken anywhere! It breaks down into small boxes of only a few sqft. The Lux Booth is a full-size booth which breaks down into smaller sections to fit through doorways and into elevators. The Lux Booth is still heavy though and needs to be placed either at ground level or on floors serviced by an elevator.

What kinds of backdrops do you have?
We have a ton of fun backdrops for you to choose from including both solid .and sparkle backdrops Below are some of the backdrops which we carry, though we are constantly expanding the selection! Custom printed backdrops, along with Green Screen backdrops are also available (extra).



Can we bring our own background?
Absolutely! We will even provide you with our background stands, so long as your background does not weigh more than 10 lbs. Just make sure it has a rod pocket or some other way of attaching it to our cross bar. Our stands are 9ft wide and 9ft tall.

How many people can fit inside the photo booth?
Our Lux Booth is an intimate "real" photo booth and fits between 2-4 in a squeeze, while our Studio Booth accommodates 10 or more people easily!  We have a photo booth to suite every need.

How far do you travel?
We provide 100km of free round-trip travel from our Mississauga depot. This includes all of the GTA, including Toronto, Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Milton, Vaughan and more.

Do you have someone attending to the booth?
All of our rentals have a friendly, trained attendant on-site. It's their job to ensure everyone has a great time, while also keeping the booth maintained.

Can you install the booth outdoors?
Absolutely! We do however require that the area be covered and weather proof with a solid floor (portable dance floors are OK). Clients are liable for any damages caused by weather conditions due to poor protection. 

What size photos do you print?
Our high-end dye-sub printers can produce either traditional 2x6 photo strips, or 4x6 images.